The unknown element about driving is that you never know when a flat tire, fender bender, or a mechanical failure could leave you at the side of the highway.  And, nobody plans to run out of gas, but it happens to the best of us. Anything can happen on the highway and that's why its good to know you have Emergency Road Response (ERR) right beside you.  We believe no driver should be left behind and that's why MDOT formed the Freeway Courtesy Patrol (FCP) Service many decades ago.  

In cooperation with MDOT, Emergency Road Response is a 100% woman owned company that created a team of dedicated vehicle operators looking for every opportyunity to play Good Samaraitan and help our fellow motorists.  When you drive in Southeastern Michigan, you'll see our service vans patrolling the higways and helping motorists, like you, out of their unexpected highway incidents.  We are there to help the ones who have roken down and to keep traffic moving along.  The most advantageous part of our service is that they are provided at no charge.  ERR to the Rescue because you never know when you'll need some help on our highways.
Always behind you  ......