• EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: We only recruit and hire operators who meet our gold standard of excellence.  Those who have experience in our industry, safe driving records, spotless background checks, and show a propensity to go above and beyond are our ideal candidates.
Our employees are our greatest resource. We strive to recruit the best and make sure they're qualified, committed nad dediacted to working help motorists with their roadside assistance needs.

  • EMPLOYEE MORALE: ERR offers flexible schedules and multiple employment benefits, which has led to our high employee retention rate. At ERR, it is very important that we provide a productive employment environment, ensuring motorists receive dedicated, experienced and productive operators during their time of need.
  • EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION: Please return employment applications by email or fax.
            Fax: 313-447-2585, or
            Email: info@emergencyroadresponse.com