• Pauline and Bob wrote:

"On June 3, we had a breakdown on M14 while towing our travel trailer. While trying to contact a tow truck, an MDOT truck came to our assistance. Vaden drove us to a trailer repair center. He and my husband found out what to do with the trailer then Vaden drove us back to our car. With Vaden's help with the tire removal we were able to take the trailer back to the repair shop. For our safety, Vaden followed us in his truck the entire distance to the repair shop. Vaden was very polite and helpful. Even though he could not fix our problem, it was Vaden who found the repair shop and handled everything from that point. MDOT is fortunate to have Vaden as one of their employees. We were very thankful for his assistance with our situation."

  • Lisa C. wrote to ERR:

"I want to thank you for your services, they were a Godsend for sure. My husband and I were traveling from Three Rivers to Ann Arbor, U of M hospital for our son to have surgery when a tire blew on I-94. Your employee, Kevin - Employee No. 29, was to us within 15 minutes of our request for assistance. He was kind and professional. He drove us to the hospital so that we could get our son admitted then returned my husband to the vehicle where another of your employees had already changed the tire. Thank you so much for helping us make it through an incredibly stressful day. I will never forget this service and praise you always. Thank you so much."

  • A Motorist commented:

"I think this is a very helful service! I had a flat tire as I was driving home from work on I-75 near Clark St. & had called (my roadservice company) and then Jim (The ERR operator) showed up to help me. He changed my tire and I was back on my way before (the roadservice company) even showed up! He was very nice & professional. I am very appreciative for this servife. Thank You Jim!  *Please continue this great service!!* "

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  • Karen K. wrote to ERR:

"To whom this may concern: I had a flat tire in 12/2 and employee number 191 came to service my car. I had just found this note in my vehicle to respond of the service provided (I guess I misplaced it). Employee 191 was OUTSTANDING. He changed my tire and calmed my nerves as I was a basket case. I have never had a flat tire on I-75 and was very scared as I did not know where I was at. The time I called and service arrived was very short. I knew better than to call Roadside assistance as I have heard horrible stories. Thank you employee 191 as you were my hero that day!"

  • Traci C. wrote:

"I want to express my thanks to Lou for staying with me and my broken down car last night as I waited alongside route 696 for a tow truck. Cars were whipping by me on the side of the highway - some a bit close - and it was great relief when Lou arrived with his flashing lights to help make me for visible to traffic. He was also a nice person! Thanks again! Your efforts were appreciated!"
  • Mel M. commented:

"We were traveling with our daughter from home in Grand Rapids to the Ford Field in Detroit on Thanksgiving Day. We had my wife and three grandchildren with us when the tire went flat. We prayed and Dave appeared.  We (my wife) are from Georgia and live in Atlanta - we are very impressed with the service. Mr. Williams was a life saver! Saved our entire day, Grand Rapids to Ford Field.  Changed the tire in midst of traffic on route into Detroit with a smile and excellence. Thankful you have men like Dave on your ERR team." 

  • George B. commended ERR:

"I would like to commend your serivce. My gas gauge is broken and I ran out of gas a the Lodge Freeway, a mile from home. I have a bad knee so I could not walk off the busy freeway. A blessing to be rescued by MDOT! Thank You."

  • Jim K. wrote:

"This is a GREAT service you provide and is defintely worth while. (My motor club) said they would have somebody in an hour, the ERR man showed up right after I got off the phone with (my motor club) and had me back on the road in less than 10 minutes. Very Friendly and courteous too. I appreciate what he did. I hope MDOT continues funding this program."

  • A Motorist commented:

"Super appreciate the help from ERR Keith! We got flat tire on highway and waiting for help from our insurance company for more than two hours. Instead we finally got help from ERR! professional service and big smile! Thank you so so much! Have us back on road in less than 10 minutes!"

  • J. Boniger wrote:

"I very much appreciated the road assistnace I received 5/18/12 when I was stranded on 696, a very unsafe and scary place to be. The service man was professional, competent, and courteous. He had me on my way quickly. Thank you so much. Your service is so important."